Ethical policy

We started Bananadesign because we wanted to use our skills to make a positive difference in the world.

We believe that we should act in a way that tries to improve things for others, whilst at the same time ensuring no harm comes from our actions.

We aim to work with organisations that try to bring about positive change in the community and the wider world in which we live. This includes charities, not-for-profit and voluntary organisations, public sector bodies, smaller companies and individuals.

Practical steps

  • we use Bulb’s 100% Green Energy Tariff for our electricity
  • we use recycled or low-impact materials especially for office supplies
  • we donate or give away equipment that still works but that we no longer need or can use, usually through local charities, Freecycle, Facebook free groups and local charity shops
  • we specify recycled paper stocks for clients
  • we recycle as much of our waste as possible
  • we buy ethical or Fairtrade products
  • we support like-minded organisations
  • we are open and honest with our clients and suppliers
  • we donate to charitable and voluntary organisations who benefit society
  • we use public transport as much as possible
  • we try to conduct communications and meetings electronically by Skype, Slack, email, Asana or by phone
  • we support our local Post Office as we think this is a vital community service
  • we prevent waste by educating clients about efficient and low-impact printing methods
  • we reduce our energy use as much as possible
  • we are all vegan
  • we believe in the value of people and do not discriminate on grounds of sex, race, religion, age, sexual orientation or disability

Working philosophy

  • we will do our best to produce first class work
  • we will do our best to make sure our clients are 100% happy with what we do
  • we want our working relationships to be enjoyable and professional
  • we believe that good work is a collaboration between us and our clients
  • we will work hard to build good, long-term relationships

What we won’t do

We won’t act in a way that undermines our ethical aims, nor undertake any work that is illegal, deliberately aimed to cause offence or what we consider to be immoral.

There are organisations who we just don’t want to work with: those with questionable human rights or environmental records, or a record of exploitation of any kind, and those involved with animal testing, meat or fur production.