Website hosting

Our websites are hosted on our reliable, secure, UK-based servers.

Websites come in all shapes and sizes and we can provide the perfect hosting for you. Our three main plans cover most site needs but if you need something a bit different we can tailor the right set-up for you.  

Hosting Plans


£150 per annum

  • Shared server
  • Standard security
  • SSL included
  • Simple websites
  • Low number of visitors
  • Daily on-server backup
  • No offsite backup


£368 per annum

  • Virtual Private Server (VPS)
  • Enhanced security
  • SSL included
  • Business critical websites
  • Increasing number of visitors
  • Daily on-server backup (7 days)
  • Daily off-site backup (30 days)


From £30* per month

  • Scalable cloud server
  • Enhanced security
  • SSL included
  • Websites that need to scale
  • High number of visitors
  • Daily on-server backup (7 days)
  • Daily off-site backup (30 days)


Take a look at our website support and maintenance packages if you’d like help running your site after launch.