Working with us

We’re nice, friendly and easy to work with. Our aim is to produce first class work that leads to great results for you and your audience.

Over the years we’ve developed a solid, collaborative and streamlined process that really helps to ensure successful projects every time.

First things first

It is always a good idea to meet face-to-face and we’re very happy to meet with clients and discuss projects (or chat via phone or Skype). We’ll spend time finding out about your organisation, how you work and what your aims for the project are. We can help you define your brief, make suggestions and ask questions about the outcomes you want. Once the targets and deliverables are defined we’ll provide a proposal (for larger projects), agree a price and the project scope.

We’ll usually ask for a deposit up-front and ask you to sign a contract before getting started. For larger projects we’ll ask you to sign a contract and agree to a payment schedule.

Who you’ll work with

Usually it will be one or all of us! We all lend a hand to all aspects of the process but we each have our own specialities. If it is a web project then Dave is our chief coder. For logo or print design Holly is our diligent designer. For anything to do with words or strategy Maria is the clever copywriter.

Our friendly and thorough approach means we are in step with our clients at every stage of the project with scheduled reviews and feedback opportunities in all the right places. And of course we are always available by email, phone and Skype to discuss any aspect of the project.

Project management

We use an excellent online project collaboration tool called Asana. It was set up by some of the people who started Facebook and it is really easy to use. We have a quick video in our client area to help get you up and running but here is a quick text overview. Many of our clients like it so much they now use it everyday for their own work!

Asana works by getting projects out of everyone’s email inboxes and into one place. This way everyone can see what has been, and what needs to be done.

We’ll create a project for your job and add you and anyone else who needs to be involved. It is a one minute sign-up to get started.

Then we define milestones for the project and assign each task to a person. We can also assign a date if we’ve agreed to work that way. Tasks can be ‘followed’ by anyone on the project, so even though a task is assigned to someone else you can still see its status. Anyone can comment on a task too so this helps keep thoughts and feedback focussed in the right places. You can get email notifications for task activity as well (for example upcoming tasks, due tasks, comments on tasks).

Once a task is completed it is ticked off but remains visible. This makes the project timeline really clear and presents a nice linear view of progress.

A typical website project structure will look something like this.

Quality assurance

Our aim is to produce excellent work that you are really happy with. We will always do our best to make sure this happens. If we don’t get an aspect quite right during the project, it is our job to fix it at our cost and we won’t rest until it is perfect (obviously subject to some limits such as the brief being right and no changes in the agreed project scope).


Depending on the type of project, we can offer you ongoing support and for web projects we have a range of support and maintenance packages. We keep multiple backups of all files so we’ll always be able to help out with amends or re-supplying artwork or projects.