Our rates and how we charge

We like to be transparent about how we operate. As a business and we charge for our time and expertise, and below is our pricing structure.


Day rate is £350
This is based on a 7 hour day.

Half-day is £175 
This is based on 3.5 hours.

Hourly rate is £50
Emergency/out of hours is £65

Support contract rates vary depending on the level chosen. You can read more about those here.

We are VAT registered and this is due on top of our fees. There are some very specific rules for charities but there is no blanket exemption. So in nearly all circumstances you will have to pay VAT at the standard rate.


We charge based on time, expertise and our value to our clients. Sometimes we will charge more for larger clients, or if a project is likely to be more complex. For example working with a one-person company is simpler than working with an organisation with five or ten decision makers involved. We will factor in the additional project management, meetings and longer time frames that happen with larger organisations and more involved approval processes.  

Even if something is quick to do, we may charge based on our ability to do it. It may only take an hour to do, but it took us over 20 years to learn how to be so efficient and competent!

Other services

Our hosting pricing is here and support and maintenance pricing is here.