Single Step magazine

We’ve been working with Depression Alliance for a number of years on their flagship magazine which goes out to all of their supporters and donors.

“Wow, it is looking absolutely fantastic! I am so thrilled – you’ve totally transformed it, I love it!”
Laura Sacha, Communications Coordinator
Single Step magazine
Single Step magazine

What we did

The original magazine was fairly dour with a dull colour palette and was very text heavy – overall it was an uninviting read. Depression Alliance didn’t really have a corporate identity at the time so as part of the project we helped nurture a new brand. We wanted to make Single Step much more uplifting and introduced a bright colour scheme and more space into the design – we also revamped the typography to use modern sans-serif fonts that had a human feel. Previously cheesey images had been used but we spent a lot of time sourcing more realistic photos of people in positive everyday situations, which added more realism.

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